Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter '11

I am the worst. blogger. EVER. I know. I can't believe it has been since Thanksgiving!! If you know me, this probably doesn't surprise you at all. Well, I have been getting a lot of grief about stopping so I am finally going to try to get back to it! :)

This weekend was so fun!! Brad and Elizabeth drove up Friday night to see a friend that was in town, and they stayed with us! Of course we made our lunch trip to RedRock saturday all for Brad, hung out most of the day, then ate and watched a movie Saturday night!

After church today we came home and sat down for a very yummy Easter lunch thanks to Elizabeth and Jane! They did wonderful!! Then we decided to decorate some Easter eggs before saying goodbye to the Scarboroughs!

I just love these girls!

The boys! 

Our place settings!

 Does that not look so delicious?!

Jane made us a YUMMY cake!!

Brad's bunny and Elizabeth's beautiful flower!

 Matt made a butterfly & Parker made a bunny with a cotton tail eating a rabbit. :)

Jane's masterpiece!

My bunny easter bunny & easter egg!

This was my first Easter EVER away from my family! I missed them so much, but we had a very fun weekend with some pretty great friends! I hope yall had a wonderful Easter with great family and friends!


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