Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter '11

I am the worst. blogger. EVER. I know. I can't believe it has been since Thanksgiving!! If you know me, this probably doesn't surprise you at all. Well, I have been getting a lot of grief about stopping so I am finally going to try to get back to it! :)

This weekend was so fun!! Brad and Elizabeth drove up Friday night to see a friend that was in town, and they stayed with us! Of course we made our lunch trip to RedRock saturday all for Brad, hung out most of the day, then ate and watched a movie Saturday night!

After church today we came home and sat down for a very yummy Easter lunch thanks to Elizabeth and Jane! They did wonderful!! Then we decided to decorate some Easter eggs before saying goodbye to the Scarboroughs!

I just love these girls!

The boys! 

Our place settings!

 Does that not look so delicious?!

Jane made us a YUMMY cake!!

Brad's bunny and Elizabeth's beautiful flower!

 Matt made a butterfly & Parker made a bunny with a cotton tail eating a rabbit. :)

Jane's masterpiece!

My bunny easter bunny & easter egg!

This was my first Easter EVER away from my family! I missed them so much, but we had a very fun weekend with some pretty great friends! I hope yall had a wonderful Easter with great family and friends!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

The friday before Thanksgiving I flew home, to Birmingham, and drove straight to the farm with my mom to meet up with Mason and Millie. It was such a fun weekend! We played games and hung out with Mom a lot of the weekend. In the afternoons, Mason, Millie and I went hunting! Over the weekend we saw 21 deer, 2 coyotes, and an armadillo!

The last day we were at the farm Mom decided to head back to Birmingham a little early. The three of us wanted to hang back and leave after we hunted that afternoon. We saw quite a few deer that afternoon, including a spike and 3 bucks (not big enough to shoot). We then decided to predator hunt (for coyotes) since we had seen so many deer! Before Mason even had to call, a coyote stepped into our field and Mason got his first coyote!

Mason and his coyote!

On Tuesday we headed to Dallas to meet up with my dad and have thanksgiving with his side of the family! It was so fun getting to see everyone in Dallas!! Then we drove up to Oklahoma city on Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving with Mom's side of the family. Parker drove down from Stillwater to join us! After too much food and spending time with family, Parker and I headed back to Stilly to prepare for the Bedlam game (OSU vs OU)! Gameday was coming to Stillwater, so naturally Parker wanted to make an Auburn sign. We headed to campus at 4:30am on Saturday morning with our sign..which got some significant TV time!

Parker and I after gameday ready to be in our WARM house!

Monday, November 22, 2010


Last weekend Parker and I flew over to Colorado Springs to finally meet our beautiful niece..and see Kris and Haley! :) We had so much fun!! The weekend was complete with movies, Auburn football, American Furniture Warehouse and BestBuy visits, major cuddle time with Olivia, and Olivia pooping on Parker. Overall, the weekend was a success!

 Sweet Olivia!

Lunch at Red Robin..and giving mom a chance to eat with 2 hands! :)

Parker and Olivia

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Decorations!

I finally took some time this weekend to work on my fall decorations..I'm a little behind, I know! We have a little apartment in Stillwater, so it only take a few small decoraions to make our house in theme with the season!

My only halloween decor..not my favorite holiday, but since its cute thought I would hang it for the week! Hubby took this picture. :)

The wreath on our front door..yes I made it, please don't juge! ha!

 Top of our bookshelf in the living room. At walk around for homecoming tonight a friend of Elizabeth, who is now in kindergarten!, gave her the sunflower and that is her scentsy..which means it will HAVE to be replaced when she leaves this december! :( i have fallen in love and will be getting me one asap.

Elizabeth decorated my table for me..including helping us put it together when it arrived at our house, in a box!! Sorry, this is the best picture I could get.

This is my favorite! I found this at Hobby Lobby AND it was 50% off..score! It is on a shelf in the dining room, but if I took it with the shelf in the picture, you couldn't read it.

I loved putting up a few decorations for fall, but I can't wait for our house to look like Christmas!! We even have a tree!! =] We are hoping that Remi will be ok with a Christmas tree in our house when that time comes..crossing our fingers!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy fall Ya'll!!

Today marks the first full day of the fall season! :) This summer has been a very hot one! This past week the evenings have been a little cooler, so we have been turning off the AC and opening up our windows! I'm loving it! Tonight we have the windows open and it's raining outside..such a beautiful background noise! So, as much as I have loved this summer, I am so excited for fall! Fall is by far my favorite season!

Here are the reasons I love fall:
5. After waiting all summer, all my shows start back up!
4. The colors..I love the red, orange, yellow, and brown of fall!
3. Football season! I love tailgating and going to the games! Of course Auburn takes priority over  EVERYTHING (seriously..everything!) at this house, so if Auburn and OSU play at the same time..we sell our tickets! ha!
2. Sunday afternoons! Parker and I go to church, grab some lunch, and then put on our jerseys and have a lazy sunday watching the cowboys play! How bout dem cowboys!
1. The holidays!! It is so fun to see all the kids dressed up for halloween! Halloween is not my favorite holiday, BUT I do love that I can finally listen to Christmas music! Seriously, Nov 1, I break out my Christmas can ask my mom! I also love thanksgiving! I love the food and family and football..pretty much everything about it! Then after thanksgiving is over, you can finally start decorating for favorite holiday! :)

I'm planning to make a wreath for our front door this weekend and start putting up our fall decorations! I will post pictures when it's finished!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

SOO ready for fall!!

These past couple weeks, we have been getting uninvited visitors in our house! These "visitors" leave me standing on the kitchen table while Elizabeth snaps pictures and Parker tries to get them back outside or in the trash! Thankfully, Elizabeth and Parker are always at the house when we get any little creatures!

Elizabeth sent me these two pictures so I could share them with you..

Sorry, this one is a litte blurry. A couple weeks ago Parker brought his golf clubs in the house and Elizabeth and I were looking at them when we noticed this guy crawling around inside the back. So Elizabeth and Parker finally got him to crawl out of the bag and then parker steppe on him, killing him, or so we thought. Elizabeth goes to take a picture and he starts running..which explains why the picture is a little blurry.

We thought the first guy we found was pretty big..until we saw this one. I was letting Remi out before putting him to bed the other night. When I opened the door, this one was trying to run in until Remi pounced on him and then he turned from the door just as I slammed it shut with a scream! Parker ran over and before he killed it Elizabeth snapped a picture while at the same time trying to stop Remi from eating it. Thankfully Parker took care of him before letting Remi out!

I am so ready for the fall season to get here! With this hot weather, everytime we open the door the bugs swarm in and we are always on the lookout for crickets and spiders! YUCK!

On another note, Elizabeth was telling me about this thing called Ear Candling. You can get ear candles at GNC so we went a bought a couple this past weekend. Elizabeth's husband, Brad drove up so the four of us thought we would try it was pretty gross! If you want to see what we did and our pictures from it you can check out Elizabeth's blog here! She also explains what exactly ear candling is!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm an Aunt!

Parker's older brother Kris, and his wife Haley welcomed a new addition to their family at 3:22pm today!Parker and I are planning to fly out to meet our neice very soon!

Olivia Elyse Birdyshaw
Born September 9, 2010
6 pounds & 12 ounces
21 inches long
Happy Birthday Olivia!

"Behold, children are a gift from the Lord..." Psalm 127:3a